Allemande, No. 2b from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach

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However, do not get stuck too much here my opinion.

The Little Preludes contain some real gems and I suggest you play some more of them. As for the Fugues.

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I suggest you play basically all of them, they really prepare you for the more advanced polyphonic music. After that go on to 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, Then comes the really advanced ones, which are imo 7, 11, 12, 13, Three-Part Sinfonias: Begin with No. And the most difficult ones: 7, 10, 12, 14 and French Suites: Suite No. For the rest don't look to much at difficulty pick the preludes and fugues you like. Book II: begin with Preludes Nos. For the rest, see above. And the Art of Fugue: All very difficult, you need a very thorough understanding of contrapuntal music for this.

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Bach - Anna Magdalena Notebook

Anyway, remember to always pick the ones you like. Nice plan and good luck. I made an account and hadn't used it in a year. Welcome back, kevon. Quote from: glennross on September 07, , PM. Quote from: kevonthegreatpianist on September 09, , AM. Quote from: glennross on September 09, , AM.

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Johann Sebastian Bach - Klavierbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach 1725 (Cd. No.2)

Quote from: glennross on September 12, , PM. Quote from: torandrekongelf on September 14, , AM. Look, I will give you a general way of learning which, at least for me, works. However, keep in mind that might not be working for you and that every piece has it's own difficulties, so the details of the studying can be different every time. Anyway, here you go: What I do, is listen to the music. That's the first step.

Listen to it and preferably also several interpretations. After you really know how to music sounds, that is, as far as your mind can handle it, you go on and listen to it some times again, but now with the score in front of you. Depending on the level you're at, and sometimes also not, you will most likely experience that in some passages, for instance, you see a left hand bass-patern with very wide intervals which you didn't hear without the score in front of you. So, listening with the score in front of you is a part of learning the music even better BEFORE going to the piano and actually playing it.

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Now that you've totally learned how the music sounds you can test this by humming it, either in your head or aloud , you're ready to move on to the next step. The next step is actually the second step of the first stage of learning a piece. So the next step of the exploratory level is finding out which passages are technically hard for you.

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This is done by sight-reading through the music. This very special disc from Australia's best known harpsichord virtuoso, Elizabeth Anderson, and her son, boy soprano, Jacob Lawrence features the much loved Anna Magdalena notebook including many well known tracks such as the timeless 'Bist du bei mir'. Recent research has indicated Anna Magdalena Bach, was not only the second highest paid professional musician at the Cothen Court behind her husband Johann, but was also a fine composer. There is strong evidence to suggest that she herself may have been the author of several of the works contained within this book, including the aria on which the Goldberg variations are based, and the famous C major prelude later used by Gounod as the basis of his famous 'Ave Maria'.

Das Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach by Ingrid Schmithusen on Spotify

The tuning system used in this recording follows the diagram left by Bach himself on the cover of the on the title page of his Well-Tempered Clavier Menuet II -- Trio Gigue Allemande I Allemande II Anglaise Menuet -- Trio Prelude Gavotte I Sarabande Double Menuet Menuet BWVa GM Previous Next. Bach : French Suites. New release! Producer: Gunther Schuller.