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Do you wish to continue? Toggle navigation. Customize Your Farm Box. Check Our Delivery Areas:. Great News! When I read Sue's solution I saw another way to approach it so I took her diagram, added two lines and labeled three points.

This question is for sue and penny. First Sue, I put ones in for the place of the r's and got the answer to be 1, but that doesnt seem right. Am I even doing this right?

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Hi Lori. Yes, one of the solutions to the equation is 1, but that doesn't fit the diagram. However, it does fit most of the mathematical description.

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Take a look at this diagram below. Can you see that this fits the description?

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That's why the value 1 works. However, for the diagram as I've drawn it earlier, there must be another solution, and there is. In my diagram the triangle CAB is a right triangle and hence you can apply Pythagoras' theorem.

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Math Central. Question from Lori, a student: A circle is inscribed in a square.