Concepts & calculations in analytical chemistry : a spreadsheet approach

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Performance Characteristics Metrology, Accuracy, Trueness and Precision Uncertainty Concept and Uncertainty Budget He has held positions in county, regional, and university hospitals. Although he retired from Karolinska University Hospital in , Dr. Kallner retains professional assignments in the laboratory and international organizations.

He has given more than invited lectures and has contributed to more than publications. An interest in quality management and development of routines for quality assessment in the laboratory required studies in programming and statistics.

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Eventually, Dr. Kallner recognized the need for a compendium of useful statistical procedures and formulas that could easily be used in programming and understanding of statistical procedure.

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Forgot Password? Fees Article types Author guidelines Review guidelines Submission checklist Contact editorial office Submit your manuscript Editorial board. About Frontiers Research Topics. Online articles. View all Learn More Submit your manuscript. Scope The Analytical Chemistry section publishes significant findings and major advances in all branches of analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, including concepts in chemical measurement science, sample treatment, instrumentation, separation, sensing and imaging.

Read More. The program is helpful also for other tasks like determining the amount of acid or base required to neutralize a sample neutralization , to prepare or displace the pH of a buffer, to change color of a visual indicator, to find the isoelectric point of amino acids, etc. Users in one hundred and thirty countries have found the freeware valuable in their own research as well as to prepare lectures, tutorials, exercises, examination questions, lab guides and experiments, classroom simulations, presentations, papers, etc.

Explore the multiple functions of CurTiPot now. Examples of indicators: thymol blue, methyl orange, bromocresol green, methyl red, bromothymol blue, phenol red, phenolphthalein and alizarine yellow R are also included. Solve your acid-base problems with CurTiPot. Sample Screenshots click on images to enlarge.

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Front page. Titration module for students. Example: point-by-point titration of acetic acid with visual phenol red and instrumental endpoint detection.

Distribution of species alpha plots overlaid on a titration example: phosphoric acid. Schneider Assoc. Dear Dr. I very much like it. I plan to use it in classroom demonstrations here at Rice University. Great job on the program! Michael W.

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Deem John W. Of these packages, we recommend CurTiPot for most acid—base problems, PeakMaster for simple electrophoresis problems where ion mobility and buffer conductivity are relevant; and Simul or Spresso for acid—base equilibria in full-scale electrophoresis simulations. Basic principles of electrolyte chemistry for microfluidic electrokinetics. Chambers and Juan G. The user interface of CurTiPot is easily accessible by a general chemistry student with almost no instruction DeKock and Brandon J.