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Aiden and Michel.

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Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books. Bill Sullivan, Ph.

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Inflammation and the 3 Paths of Depression in Older Adults. Bill Sullivan Ph. Follow me on Twitter.

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In addition, we also listed a number of consequences from not having FAIR which could not be reliably estimated, such as an impact on research quality, economic turnover, or machine readability of research data. These results relied on a combination of desk research, interviews with the subject matter experts and our most conservative assumptions. Moreover, while building on top of other available studies and being heavily reliant on existing material, we have come to realise ourselves how important is to have FAIR research data.

Not only the time invested in this study could have been reduced by a significant amount, but the content could have been enhanced if more material had been accessible and reusable. Finally, by estimating the qualitative and quantitative costs of not having FAIR data, this report will enable decision makers to make evidence based decisions about efficient ways to support the real-life implementation of the FAIR data principles. Voir le site. Cost of not having FAIR research data FAIR research data encompasses the way to create, store and publish research data in a way that they are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Made possible through a generous grant from the U.

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