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I have menace. Barbara Stanwyck , Ball of Fire Versatile actress known for her husky voice and Brooklyn accent. Her career spanned 7 decades. Kirk Douglas , The Big Sky Among the first actors to also produce, his varied body of work includes many tense, virile, and intelligent heroes. Montgomery Clift , Red River Lead actor usually in introspective and vulnerable roles. He was the first actor to bring a new, post World War II style of acting to the cinema.

Carole Lombard , Twentieth Century Top screen comedienne of the 30s with an inimitable rangy style, who married Clark Gable, and died in a plane crash at the age of Dean Martin , Rio Bravo After splitting up with partner Jerry Lewis in the 50s, he became a tremendously successful and enduring singer, nightclub entertainer, movie and television star. Ricky Nelson , Rio Bravo Teenage television star with parents Ozzie and Harriet and brother David , Ricky was also a hugely popular singing star for 30 years. Robert Mitchum , El Dorado He had a 50 year career in Hollywood reliably playing tough guys, surviving scores of inferior films with the sheer force of his sleepy personality.

Twentieth Century 6. Scarface 7. Rio Bravo 8. To Have and Have Not 9. The Big Sleep Ball of Fire El Dorado Sergeant York Monkey Business Land of the Pharaohs Did none of those actors every say who called the shots on the set?

30 Favorite Directors

If they say Hawks, then it'd go into my top ten. I agree with your top 3 Dave. My order is slightly different but those are my favorites as well.


Even if he didn't actually direct it, his influence is the deciding factor in its success and overall structure. The Big Sleep 2. Red River 3. Rio Bravo 4. The Thing From Another World 5.

To Have And Have Not 6. Only Angels Have Wings 8.

Goodfella's Movie Blog: #7: Howard Hawks

Sergeant York 9. His Girl Friday Bringing Up Baby I personally would place a couple of American directors you've already listed above him. Saying that, the top 4 on my list are pictures I treasure This was a tough one to place in some kind of order for me,. I could probably sit here all day and move some of them around in order as I continue to think about it.

The top 5 are rock solid in their placement. So many good films!

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Hawks is probably my 1. There is no other director that I enjoy so completely across the board and who has a top-notch film for any mood I'm in, or even just a good-time film for when I'm in a lazy mood, like Rio Lobo. Having said that, there are still several of his I haven't seen yet.

Rio Bravo 2. The Big Sleep 4. To Have and Have Not 5. Bringing Up Baby 6. Ball of Fire 7. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 8. Scarface 9. I was a Male War Bride El Dorado I know, but it has Mitchum Red River Sgt York. Hawks would certainly have a fair shot to land in my Top 10, certainly the Top 20 in any case, and his remarkable versatility in negotiating so many genres places him athe forefront in this regard.

You make an excellent point Dave, in that Hawks not only took on these genres but turned in masterpieces within those parameters. He's like fine wine, his films seem to get better with age, and like Lubitsch he's as sophisticated as any director.

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And yes John, I would never grow tired of hearing you say that he one of the greatest storytellers. It's certainly a fact. Fair enough. He would be the perfect subject for a comprehensive festival at some point too. Dave 1. Only Angels Have Wings 3. His Girl Friday 4. Scarface 5. The Thing from Another World uncredited 6.

To Have and Have Not 7. The Big Sleep 8. Red River 9. The Dawn Patrol Come and Get It An excellent choice, which I find particularly thought provoking.

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I have kept in mind your comment in your Coppola posting where you stressed favorite vs. I write this having read your introduction but before reading the other comments to your posting -- I am beyond curious to see how others think. The films I listed are from the s, s and early s.

Howard Hawks Discussion - Historic Hollywood (October 9th, 2015)

Perhaps there is an unintended generational prejudice. The Big Sleep was made in the same year as To Have And To Have Not , but it lasted two years before it was finally released simply because the audience wanted to see war movies. The Big Sleep finally got released in and immediately after Bacall became the ultimate femme fatale, the woman you better fall not in love with!

With her raw voice and gorgeous looks she had in no time every man around finger even if only Bogart, Frank Sinatra and Jason Robards were able to conquer her heart.