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And in the icy darkness of the North Atlantic, a brave U. Horns locked in a tense game of geomilitary survival, each of the world' three most powerful nations knows that one mistake will mean all-out war. Kilo Class' by all means is a very specific military Navy action-thriller that catered to that very reader ship group. As the title suggests, it's about submarines. I listened to the 2.

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Whilst initially a little slow to begin, once started this was an excellent story. Some people may classify it as a "techno thriller" however in my mind it is merely a modern novel about submarine Patrick Robinson is the author of seven international bestselling suspense thrillers, including Nimitz Class and Hunter Killer, as well as several nonfiction bestsellers.

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No hassle at all. So what was the danger? Who knows? Robinson has sometimes been accuse of writing satires of the Clancy-style techno thriler, and you can see why: the Americans are all 6'2" tall, built like linebackers and have gorgeous ex-actor wives. Their boss is a cigar chomping xenophobe who rants and raves This was a silly book. Their boss is a cigar chomping xenophobe who rants and raves about "cunning Chinese bastards" a lot.

Nothing goes wrong for them and the enemies are completely powerless to resist them. Yeah, I could see this as mickey-taking. If you leave your brain at the door, this is still an enjoyable diversion. Rated M for language, some violence, war themes. Sep 19, Eric rated it really liked it. A nice page-turner. Arnold Morgan is quite the character yet again in his hard-nose approach to Russian military maneuvers and dealing with the increasing threat poised by China.

This story includes ice adventures under the North Pole and explosive actions near the South Pole; special military agents working undercover in Russia to destroy submarines being sold to China, and tracking the efforts of Taiwan to develop their own nuclear capabilities. While the story is fictional, Robinson has resea A nice page-turner. While the story is fictional, Robinson has research naval realities very intently, and presents a story of extreme plausibility, which made the read that much more exciting.

I definitely will want to read other Robinson books in his naval series adventures! Mar 14, Bill Lindsay rated it liked it. Pretty good story about the Us Navy and its Black Ops squad, the Russians selling a strike force of Kilo Class subs to China and China's attempt to shut off the Taiwan straights prior to. Well written, good details; a bit a la Tom Clancy. Jul 10, John rated it liked it Shelves: military-espionage. The book started well, better written than its predecessor.

I really enjoyed the background story and how everything was a little predictably playing out. Then the end came, and it came abruptly. All that backstory was resolved in a few short sentences, to my mind, quite unsatisfactorily. My other nit is that Robinson seems to think all Americans cuss quite a lot, which is counter to my experience, especially for people in power which are the primary people he is dealing with in these books. Ro The book started well, better written than its predecessor.

Robinson is good enough I'll be reading the next one, H. Unseen, but if he doesn't continue to improve, I'll be dropping him after that one. Jan 27, Michal Angelo rated it it was amazing Shelves: would-recommend. That said, Kilo-Class will take you on a head-spinning international tour with an explosive climax. Whilst initially a little slow to begin, once started this was an excellent story.

Some people may classify it as a "techno thriller" however in my mind it is merely a modern novel about submarine warfare. The premise is rather straight forward, China intends to purchase a number of Kilo class submarines from Russia and the United States view is that this would destabilise the region and as such decides to put a stop to the transaction. Commence undersea submarine shenanigans. Overall, good plot, Whilst initially a little slow to begin, once started this was an excellent story.

Overall, good plot, within the realm of realism for the most part and well written. Jul 09, Erik rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in This was a very good military thriller. The story was utterly plausible which is sometimes not the case with books in the genre. I liked the secondary story that took place in the Southern Ocean, although seemingly unrelated to the main story of the Chinese Kilo's, it was tied in nicely at the end. The only negative thing I have to say about this book is that it betrays the US military and political machine as being WAY too efficient.

Mar 06, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: military-fiction. It was a little far fetched but an okay read. It seemed very neat, and wrapped up in the novel but the basic components of the storyline did work. I think that ill probably continue reading the series to see how the characters develop and how the author is able to continue the integration of them. Worth a look if you like this type of book, as a enjoyer of military fiction i certainly had no issues reading it. First read in - in paperback - probably as an "airport" or "travel" read. Probably read Nimitz Class first.

After that, I've looked for Patrick Robinson's books from time to time. Interesting stories. Minor suspension of belief required.

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Dec 13, Richard rated it it was amazing. This was my second Arnold Morgan adventure. A very interesting plot. Grabs you on the first page, and doesn't let go. You feel you are getting to know all the regular cast. It's like visiting with friends. A lot of tension, and exploding action, with some humor thrown in for good measure.

A good read. Nov 05, Pete rated it really liked it Shelves: military. This novel is basically an extension of Nimitz Class with many of the same characters.

Both books are very good reads. Nimitz is probably the more personal of the two as the Americans were the victims in that story.

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In Kilo Class the Americans are the aggressors and the plot is more involved with both the Chinese and Russians involved. Aug 07, Madhusudan Chokhra rated it really liked it. A good thriller. But a one sided story. How can US personnel even get near to Russian made submarines, moreover which are going to supplied to China, both arch rivals. But other than its practical accuracy, book is good.

Jul 03, Tim rated it liked it. Lots of interesting parts to the story that kept me turning pages. Some parts were a little tedious but the unanswered questions kept me reading to the end. Great read if you are into Naval operations. Oct 05, Janet rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. Great story line but a little too much detail for my liking.

Kilo Class

I had to skim through the superfluous dialogue and info or I would have given up on the book altogether. The parts I chose to read completely were compelling. Jul 30, Ty rated it really liked it Recommends it for: anyone. Shelves: fiction , action.

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Believable, entertaining, fast paced and fun. Very good book. My only complaint would be that it ended in something of a hurry. Would have been nice to have an ending developed as well as the rest of the book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Patrick Robinson. Patrick Robinson. Patrick Robinson was a journalist for many years before becoming a full-time writer of books. His non-fiction books were bestsellers around the world and he was the co-author of Sandy Woodward's Falklands War memoir, One Hundred Days. Other books in the series.

Admiral Arnold Morgan 10 books. Books by Patrick Robinson. Trivia About Kilo Class Admir No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As always, Guidall's apparently effortless virtuosity is a pleasure in itself. The only reservation one might express about this production is regret that such a prodigious talent has been lavished on such undemanding material. Kilo Class Home Kilo Class. Publisher: Recorded Books, Inc. Please log in to view pricing. Description Best-selling author and British journalist Patrick Robinson hurtles you through one breath-taking plot twist after another with his explosive naval techno-thrillers. Author s : Patrick Robinson.

Genre: Suspense Thriller. This title is part of or scheduled to be part of the following subscriptions:. Kilo Class. Narrator s : George Guidall. Product Number C Released: Apr 01, Business Term: Purchase. ISBN: