Zorndorf 1758: Frederick faces Holy Mother Russia

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Westphalia and Hesse. The battle was tactically inconclusive, with both armies holding the ground and claiming victory. The king, Frederick II of Prussia , understood that the joining of his enemies would spell the fall of Berlin and, deciding to forestall their plans, moved to the Russian rear. On August 25 Frederick's infantry attacked a Russian "Observation Corps", which consisted of young conscripts only.

Zorndorf 1758: Frederick Faces Holy Mother Russia. (reprint, 2003).

The Russians managed to hold their own until the famed cavalry of Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz struck against them. The Russian cavalry clashed with the Prussians, but was routed and had to flee towards the lines of the Russian infantrymen who, confused by clouds of dust and gun smoke, mistook them for the Prussians and opened artillery fire. In the meantime, Frederick's infantry fell upon the left wing of the Russian army.

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Frederick intended to repeat the oblique order assault that had granted him victory at the Battle of Leuthen , yet as the Russian lines were unable to retreat due to the swamps in their rear, [5] and the left flank of Frederick's army was likewise unable to enclose the Russian lines because of the unfavorable terrain and successful Russian resistance, [11] the battle took the course of an extremely bloody, frontal clash of the adversaries' armies within a narrow battlefield setting.

During the ensuing battle, both sides quickly ran out of gunpowder and engaged in hand-to-hand fighting. When some of the Prussian battalions showed signs of tiring, Frederick himself led them in an attack. The battle was described by contemporaries as the bloodiest in the 18th century. Jutland - Clash of the Dreadnoughts. Operation Compass - Wavell's Whirlwind Offensive.

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Here he explores the tactics, organization and different military branches using very readable but well researched prose. As Prussia, so Austria. Republished in and like the Austrian book, this is the Army of Frederick the Great for the Russians. However, the bulk and main focus of the book is on the Russian participation in the SYW.

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Expensive, but it does pretty much for the French everything Duffy does for the three armies above and includes 57 color plates displaying the uniform and flag of every regiment in the French army. This is one of the better biographies of Old Fritz, written by an acknowledged expert in the field.

The pace is lively, but the prose a bit more complex than other popular histories. Of note is how Showalter uses Frederick as the platform by which the rest of Europe is explained, the learning curve the King went thru for success, how and why myths surrounding him began, and whether they were at all relavent. Jay was the real deal. Osprey Publishing produces short, detailed military history books that are not only good, legitimate history, but specifically support wargaming, particular miniatures.